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Ground is broken around April 2001.  The ground is over a foot out of level and full of cactus. Leveling of the ground is complete and the pier has been installed.
Forms and rebar is in place to begin a monolithic concrete pour.  The pier in the center has a sono-tube in place to create a gap between the concrete floor and the concrete for the pier so that vibration from walking will not affect the scope. Another angle showing everything is ready to pour.  The skreed boards across the center are temporary to level the concrete while pouring.
Close-up shot of the footer.  All rebar is seperated from the ground by plastic standoffs.  The wire mesh across the top is tied into the rebar along the footer. The footer across the center will be the support for the wall seperating the main room from the warm room.  The vertical rebar will be to support a block wall 4 feet high.
After the concrete was poured, I watered it for three days to prevent cracking.  My son decided to take a drink. The first corners of the block wall are laid.
I learned several new trades during this project, one of them was how to lay block. After two batches of mortar mixed by hand, I decided to buy a mixer.  Never regretted that decision.
My son wanted to help every step of the way. The wall is almost complete.
Another view of the near complete wall. Framed three foot wooden walls on top of the block wall.  The windows shown are for the warm room.
Another angle showing the initial framing for the warm room T1-11 siding is being nail in place on the wooden portion of the wall.
The roof will roll-off in this direction down these rails. Ran the electrical to the building.
The angle iron track is being welded together on top of the wall.  Another skill I had to learn. The roof rafters are set in place.
Roof rafters are covered with plywood and corrugated tin roofing. Extra support is added to the railing along with a walkway and steps for manually pulling the roof back.



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