Here's an example of how an Anti-Blooming filter can remove blooming from an image in a few seconds.  The images below show the before and after for a single luminance frame.  To keep the file sizes down, I cropped out the middle portion of the image where the most severe blooming was occurring.  This filter was used on all LRGB frames to produce this image of M16.  The blooming represented below is some of the most difficult to remove due to the blooms that overlap, cut through stars, and are present in nebulosity.  Most blooming frames I deal with are not this severe, and can be handled by the filter leaving very few artifacts.

(Download FIT file for before image 1,491K)                              (Download FIT file for after image 1,491K)

This Anti-Blooming software is available from Starizona in Tucson, Arizona.  Phone Number (520) 292-5010.

The software is provided as a MaxIm DL plugin and a stand-alone Windows version.                 Sharp

*Requires version 3.07 or higher of MaxIm DL to run plugin version.